We provide valuable input!

Participants from all parts of the organisation are involved and feel ownership of the design and layout of the recycling station of the future.


By using building blocks, participants can submit their input to the layout of the recycling station. Modulo Systems ensures that participants’ experience and knowledge are considered and we include every aspect, e.g. the placement of containers, facilities, operational optimisation, etc.


A workshop will begin with a presentation of the defined rules and Modulo Systems will present ideas that can be used for the layout of a recycling station. The group will then be divided into smaller groups. Each group must present their proposals to the other groups and talk about the benefits and challenges of each proposal.


Up to 12 people can attend. Participant selection is about ensuring that the “right” people participate, in order to achieve the maximum possible knowledge base, decision-making competence and quality in the relevant area.

Presentation of a outline drawing

To be used for decision-making, before Modulo Systems makes the final drawing of the project and the next step is agreed. An outline drawing will be designed according to future needs with clear consideration of day-to-day operations and user experience, but where management and employee input characterises the result.


Hands on (play with things)

It is simple and easy

Informative and instructive

It’s always good to visualize

That you can build onwards into the future

Options, no restrictions

Good insight, good way in which to illustrate

Informative, good for explaining and coming up with input

Understanding of everyday life

Good advance information

Former recycling station worker and we know what we’re talking about