It's said that an image says more than a 1000 words. Here is a selection of videos that provides insight in the Modulo beton unique modular concept

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The Dutch video

The video features production and installation of the Modulo beton recycling station. The video is in Dutch, but we included it anyway.

Installation in Tromso

Den new Modulo beton modular recycling station at Remiks in Tromso, Norway was installed in just 5 days. This timelapse video shows it all.

Animation Modulo

Small animationsvideo that shows the flexibility in the Modulo beton system – Note how the site can be easily expanded – or even relocated.


An animated concept movie that show all the possibilities of utilizing the space below the platform.

Modules and bricks to Tromsø

Remiks in Tromso, Norway had to expand their Modulo beton installation. We manufactured the modules in Denmark, and shipped a bulk carrier ‘Wilson Bremen’

Installation Aarhus Port

Modulo systems installs gigantic retainer walls to Aarhus Port

Arden presentation

Animated information video made by the customer ahead of the opening of the new site.

Animation video

Simple video that shows the modular system