A Service Agreement provides peace of mind

With a Service Agreement, the day-to-day operation and safety of users of a recycling station are ensured. A prerequisite for optimal function of a station is that it is maintained and serviced at appropriate intervals, so that any defects are found and remedied before becoming critical. Increased focus on compliance with statutory safety inspections is in response to a need, because at the end of the day it is about

keeping people and assets safe. Modulo Systems has long experience in the maintenance of stations and consequently extensive experience in the field. We have now gathered all this experience into a service concept that gives our customers reassurance, and the certainty that their recycling station is safe and works exactly as it should.

Get a 10-year product warranty.
Enter into a Service Agreement with Modulo Systems - it’s worth it!

The Service Agreement includes

  • Annual preventive maintenance visit
  • Visual inspection of the modules for wear damages
  • Visual inspection of any subsidence
  • Re-tightening of all module interconnections
  • Visual inspection and repair of joints
  • Visual inspection and safety checks of fences and protection
  • Inspection and functional test of ramp heating
  • Mending of normal wear damages
  • Mending and repairs are always carried out with original spare parts

What does a Service Agreement mean for you?

  • Extension of the product warranty to 10 years
  • Complies with relevant legislation simply and adequately
  • Ensures your installation is fully functional and provides optimal performance
  • Limits the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Protects the people who use or work at the station
  • Provides assurance that investment made retains its value
  • Guarantees professional control of the recycling station
  • Ensures the operation and safety of the users of the station
  • You gain a partner with the technical and specialist skills in the Modulo Systems concept
  • Creates an overview of fixed maintenance costs and limits the cost of repairing faults
  • You will receive good advice from technicians on the development and improvement of installations and they ensure that the platform is maintained in accordance with warranty regulations
  • You gain a sparring partner who knows all the details and can immediately step in if accidents should happen, for example, a collision with barriers or fences