Solid and sturdy truck ramps.
Quick delivery and installation in just 3-5 hours.

Modulo Systems offers fast delivery and installation of extremely solid and robust truck ramps

Quick delivery and installation in just 3-5 hours.
Modulo Systems offers fast delivery and setup of extremely solid and sturdy truck ramps — for example in combination with a pre-existing offloading ramp.
Truck/offloading ramps constructed in prefabricated modules, consisting of just 4-5 concrete elements with non-slip surface.

Ramp modules are available in standard sizes of 3 × 3 and 4 × 3 metres. They can be built at any start height, and can be supplemented with one or more horizontal platform modules. Truck rams are delivered with mounted side beams to provide 20 cm high barrier on the edge of the ramp.

Installation time is fast and short. Truck ramps are set up in just 3-5 hours — and the only prerequisite is a level surface.




There are no specific regulations in relation to the slope or execution of truck and offloading ramps for industrial use. Modulo Systems can work closely with the Danish Working Environment Authority if the customer so requires, where the individual case is assessed every time. Our consultants can assist with ramp design advice based on the type of truck, counterweight, type of goods, etc.

Solide og robuste Truckramper

Non-slip surface

A non-slip surface on truck ramps is extremely important. The ramp modules and platforms are coated with an extremely durable and non-slip coating, ensuring good grip in all kinds of weather. A steel barrier is also an option. These are mounted on top of the side beam, and comply fully with the Danish Working Environment Authority’s requirements for fall protection.


Modules & integration

The ramp modules can be combined with our platform modules to provide a platform for sorting and storing of goods in one solution. Trucks are loaded faster and safety is achieved by loading the right items first time, given that they are sorted before the truck arrives.


Our modules are available in standard sizes of 4 x 3 or 3 x 3 metres. The height of the platform modules is 1.2 metres to align with standard truck load bed height. Size can be changed as required, just as the height of the concrete modules can go all the way up to 3 metres.


Heated truck ramp

It is possible to purchase embedded heating cables which automatically, and depending on the temperature, always keep the truck ramp free of snow and ice.

This is not an expensive solution, as snow melting is only initiated if the ramp is wet and the temperature is below freezing. Driving trucks with high loads onto offloading ramps is best on a clean and dry truck ramp.


Glostrup - Ramp & platform

Modular sorting and offloading platform with non-slip surface, and the option of using the space under the platform. A solution that only requires a level and flat surface. Installation time was short and efficient, thanks to Modulo Systems’ own fitters.


The horizontal platform modules are produced and made in aggressive environmental class C35/2400. The modules are available in several sizes: up to 4 x 3 metres and from 1 – 3.25 metres in height, and the load can range from 3.5 to 29 tonnes. The modules carry a standard load of 7.5 tonnes and are delivered with a 20 cm edge beam and 80 cm barriers which meet the Danish Working Environment Authority’s requirements for fall protection.


We have installed a robust and durable offloading platform for one of our customers in Odense. The solution has subsequently been integrated with an automatic pallet sorting system, which goes from inside the warehouse to a sectional door, enabling the truck to drive onto the platform via the ramp and out of the sectional door. This makes it possible to load trucks directly.

The ramp and platform are 21 metres long with safety barriers and fences. The ramp itself is 4 metres wide and 12 metres long, and the platform is 8 metres wide and 9 metres long.

At the end of the offloading ramp, Dansk Portindustri has installed an offloading grab for easy and convenient offloading for trucks.

Glostrup - Small ramp with platform module

Modulo Systems installed a ramp consisting of 3 ramp modules and 1 platform module in 5 hours. The ramp optimises the offloading and loading of the many trucks calling at the warehouse every day. A forklift can now come down to the level of a truck in a matter of seconds. Before the ramp was installed, 2 forklifts had to be used to unload a truck. Alternatively, the same forklift had to drive all the way around the warehouse several times in order to handle the load of just one truck.

Modulo Systems is pleased to have contributed with a robust, solid and easy solution for the customer. A solution that will last for many years without maintenance.


Paulig Foods had been planning to optimise the loading and offloading of their many trucks for some time. They would need a robust and safe solution, which is why a Modulo Systems loading ramp was the obvious choice.

20 cm concrete barriers are mounted on each side of a 9 metre with a non-slip surface ramp to provide an additional safety guard for trucks. On top of the edge beam, an 80 cm high metal fence is mounted. The ramp was installed inside a shed in just one day, and was then ready for use.