Flexible concrete building blocks for chambers and containment of loose materials such as sand, clay, gravel, compost, garden waste and de-icing salt.

Can also be used for shed construction, flood barriers, watercourse banks, shooting ranges, fireproof walls, noise-reducing walls, fish ladders, and blast walls. Concrete building blocks for any purpose.

Available in 6 sizes that make any project realisable!

Customer case - Port of Aarhus

Modulo Systems delivers four walls constructed with Modulo Block concrete blocks. Each wall is 108 m long and consists of 332 blocks. The stalls will be used for combustion chips.


So easy with Modulo Blocks

Easily stacked to make solid and stable walls with infinite options. Can be dismantled and re-erected in a completely new location.

Byggeklodser i beton,  kummer og begrænsningsvægge

Perfect for chambers, single-storey warehouses and boundary walls

Easy to install

Durable and robust

No limits to how often they can be reused



Modulo blocks can be used to construct buildings and storage sheds quickly and at an affordable price. Doors/sectional doors and roof elements can be manufactured in advance, and the building itself erected in a very short time.

Such buildings are typically used as machine housing, for materials, as barns or storage facilities.

Modulo block til opgørelse af bygninger og lagerhaller hurtigt og prisrigtigt.

100% recycled material

When our concrete mixer trucks return with excess concrete from a customer order, we cast blocks from the left-overs. If the concrete was not used for blocks, it would be pumped onto the ground and then sent for crushing.

Easy to assemble

All Modulo blocks are assembled using a 2.5 tonne lifting anchors for ease of movement and precision assembly

Comes in 6 differerent sizes

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How high can a wall be built?

We calculate for you

We assist with advice and guidance on the structure of walls, based on information about the material to be stored.

beton legoklodser

Density of materials

All materials have different density. The density and internal degree of friction of the material determine the height of a chamber wall.

Inspiration - Modulo blocks

Modulo blokke
Modulo blokke inspiration