Modular Recycling Station

The patented modular recycling site is made up of prefabricated modules.

It offers unlimited opportunities for size and assembly.

The solution can be executed in any size. From large central recycling sites with 30 to 40 fractions to very small city stations where citizens can easily access by bicycle or on foot.

Maximum flexibility for the future

Municipalities must constantly be prepared for changes in waste laws and regulations. At best, one can anticipate about 4-5 years into future. When making large investments into a recycling site, it is important to choose solutions that are dynamic and flexible. The modular flexible waste site from Modulo is therefore a good strategic investment with many advantages.

The space can easily be expanded to handle future factions, or increasing traffic. The space can even be taken down and re-installed in a whole new place.

Short installation time

A Modulo systems site can be installed and ready to use in 6-8 days, making it very few days that an existing station needs to be closed down for renovation. Furthermore, the short installation time helps to keep project costs to the minimum.

A Modulo system solution requires no foundation. This is a major advantage of modernizing the many waste sites located on landfills Furthermore, it also helps to keep the price down, as it is often the building work that incurs the greatest costs.

Modulo systems takes responsibility for both the installation of the modules and the layout of the rooms so that the customer achieves a safe and quick implementation of the solution. In addition we have everything required to store hazardous and clinical waste.

The space under the platform can be used in the following ways: storage of hazardous waste, bins for waste thrown in via the boxes at the top of the platform, garage for sweepers and other vehicles, storage of equipment and materials, workshop, recycling shop or even office space.


Tilet, shower and dressing room

Space for activities

Drop boxes for easy waste disposal

It is possible to collect waste via drop boxes and possibly have a waste compactor under the platform. At the top of the platform are the drop boxes for throwing (disposing off) various materials. Under the platform there is a space for collection from the drop boxes.

Easy sorting of waste

Waste collection under the platform

Quality & Durability

10 year warranty on corrosion of the modules, if a service agreement is entered into. All modules and designs are made in aggressive environmental class C35 / 2400.

Easy maintenance

A Modulo recycling solution is designed with low maintenance in mind. For example all the fences and fenders are mounted on embedded fittings and can thus be replaced in 5-10 minutes.

A proven concept

Modulo systems has installed over 500 recycling sites and the concept has been refined in every detail. You can be absolutely sure that the space will work to the full satisfaction of both the residential customers and the station staff.

We deliver on time and offer lasting value on investment.

Appreciation & Depreciation

A modular station is considered an operating asset and can therefore be appreciated by up to 25% per annum – in contrast to traditional construction, which has to be depreciated by up to 4% per annum.

Competitive price

The total cost of the station’s lifecycle is significantly lower than traditionally designed solutions.