Easy and intuitive station layout

Recycling stations are very different than they were just 10-15 years ago. The volume of waste is increasing, there is a growing number of waste fractions and it requires additional knowledge and know-how to make the best use of the space at a recycling station.

Increase correct sorting by drawing on Modulo Systems’ extensive experience in the layout of recycling stations.

Since 2012, Modulo Systems has designed over 25 recycling stations across the Nordic region and has gained considerable experience.

Make a difference for the public and help us create the best, intuitive recycling station layout. To make use of the full potential, it is essential to have an optimal and easy-to-use layout. Let us assist you with the strategic placement of staff cabins, site huts, etc. and logical placement of fractions and zones with plenty of space and easy access.

A good layout means happy employees and users. The better the layout, the better the level of service provided. For example, the correct layout increases accessibility in the form of one-way routes for users, separate user and truck traffic, and increased accessibility for elderly people, and the disabled. A recycling station must be easy to access for everyone.

Good layout not only increases the overview of the station and creates satisfied users, but actively contributes to minimising incorrect sorting to the benefit of the environment.

Increase correct sorting

It should be easy to sort waste. We optimise the station based on your requirements and ensure the station staff can users to ensure correct sorting.

Better sorting benefits the environment

Good communication, signage and proper training of station staff are paramount to increasing the degree of sorting. Correct and strategically positioned staff cabins as well as good guidance. Together we contribute to guiding users in the right direction.

Less wasted time and more guidance

Correct and strategic positioning of staff cabins and other important elements, as well as a good overview of the recycling station means greater safety, more time and better guidance for users. Together we contribute to guiding users in the right direction.


  • Creates satisfied users
  • Increases manageability of the station
  • Better sorting benefits the environment
  • Cuts the amount of residual waste
  • Minimises incorrect sorting
  • Provides competent and service-minded staff
  • Creates a better sorting culture

By choosing Modulo Systems and taking advantage of our vast experience, we can help you to achieve satisfied users, create a better sorting culture via improved guidance, minimise the chance of incorrect sorting, which is ultimately instrumental in achieving the UN Global Goal 12.4.