Total utilisation of the space under modules

Modulo Systems is the only company that can offer a recycling station where space can be utilised 200%.

A solution from Modulo Systems means a unique and reliable recycling station by utilising the space under the platform for practical or creative purposes. Use the space for practical or creative purposes, for example, activity rooms, teaching rooms, workshops, recycling shops and swap centres.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to utilisation and fitting out the space under a platform. We take responsibility for both the installation of modules and fitting out of spaces. We are more than pleased to assist with any requirements you may have.

Modulo Systems er totalleverandør af genbrugspladser og udstyr til affalds- og genbrugsbranchen

Space for all purposes

Our modular solution provides optimal options for complete use of the space under modules.

The options are many, including insulation and heating. Depending on whether a space is to be used for creative purposes or practical purposes such as general storage, hazardous waste storage, room for drop boxes for safe handling of waste, upcycling workshops, recycling shops, etc.

Teaching facilities

Create the perfect space and framework for knowledge sharing about sustainable development and learning about waste, recycling sorting and the environment. Create awareness with the establishment of innovative and informative showrooms and learning spaces for the public, school children, etc.

The space under a platform can be easily fitted out to be used as a teaching room for school children when visiting the recycling station. In this way, we help to meet the UN Global Goal 4.7, which states that by 2030 all pupils must have acquired important knowledge about sustainable development through, for example, teaching.


Recycling shops and workshops

The space under a platform is ideal for using as shops for direct recycling, as well as workshops that support recycling and sustainability.

Hazardous waste – a safe solution

It’s important that businesses and the public can get rid of their hazardous waste, to avoid it ending up in nature and harming the environment. The space under our modules is ideal to fit out for hazardous waste. The modules are specially designed, certified and fitted out for storage of hazardous waste so that hazardous waste can be separated and stored securely.

Modulo Systems’ architects and engineers have years of experience in the fitting out of buildings for hazardous waste, and are continuously adapting layout options in line with developments.


  • Recycling workshops
  • Recycling shops/swap centres
  • Innovative showrooms
  • Depositing hazardous waste
  • Depositing electronics waste
  • Teaching facilities
  • Activity room
  • Storage and storage space
  • Offices, toilets and bathing facilities
  • Technical room and compactor
  • Drop-boxes
  • Results in user satisfaction
  • Streamlined operations
  • Provides better feedback on user surveys
  • Increases accessibility for all
  • Increases correct sorting
  • Ensures road safety and increased traffic flow
  • Make the space manageable