Modulo Systems has extensive experience in providing knowledge, services and solutions to the Danish business community. Our solutions require no foundation, are installed easily and quickly, are reliable and maintenance-free.

See below for more details of our customer-specific solutions. These are just some examples of our industry solutions.
All our products and services are available as customised solutions for the private sector.


Modulo Systems provides fast delivery and setup of solid and robust modular truck ramps with non-slip surfaces, for example, in combination with an existing loading ramp.

Modulo System’s prefabricated modules are a robust and flexible solution for installing truck ramps. Our solution requires no foundation, just a level and firm surface. A ramp typically consists only of 4-6 modules and is easily installed using the embedded lifting eyes. Installation time is short, only 3-5 hours.

Modulo Systems’ truck ramps can be easily integrated with an existing offloading ramp, as it is also possible to add our horizontal platform modules with non-slip surfaces. A ramp is a future-proof and flexible solution, as it can be easily dismantled, moved to a new location and reinstalled. If you want heating in the ramp so it can be used year-round, this is also an option.



Modulo Systems provides, installs and fits eco-friendly hazardous waste storage solutions.

Complete and turnkey module solutions, set up in a few days, as well as everything in accessories.

Our modular solution is completely fitted with vats and mesh grating, BD60 fire doors, local exhaust ventilation, EX lighting and emergency shower.

All our solutions are fully fitted with:

  • Vats and mesh grating for collecting any spillage
  • BD60 fire doors
  • Local exhaust ventilation
  • EX lighting
  • Emergency shower with eye wash

The modules are designed and certified for the storage of hazardous waste, so that hazardous waste is separated and stored securely. The modules are built together to exactly the size and design you need.

The module for hazardous waste is delivered with a ground/floor, which means that the module is tight and completely fireproof.

The installation time is short. The solution is installed by our own installers in just 1-2 days. A foundation is not necessary, as the modules are set up on an existing solid and levelled surface.

If there is a need for expansion later on, the solution can easily be expanded with additions modules.


Modulo blocks are an easy, flexible and sustainable choice for containment of loose materials, construction of chambers, retaining walls, fire walls and much more.

They come in 6 different sizes, making any project realisable. Our flexible building blocks only need a level and solid surface for installation, and require neither mortar nor any other form of adhesive. They are also easily movable and can be assembled and dismantled over and over again.

Both ModuloBlock and Modulo MegaBlock are made of 100% recycled concrete and can withstand all kinds of weather.

Modulo Systems can provide the calculations, delivery and assembly, as well as lifting equipment for handling the blocks.


Container mats – an eco-friendly solution for protecting the surface under the container.

Made of 100% regenerated plastic material with a high mechanical strength to achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for the protection of any surface against wear and damage. This saves time and money to repair the surface.

Container mats are also noise-reducing and movable by using embedded lift fittings, and do not need to be fixed to the ground. They can also be easily and quickly installed by your own employees.

Container mats are available in sizes 6 x 2.45 metres and 7 x 3 metres, both with and without guide rails and backstops.