Modulo Systems’ architects and engineers are specialists in the design of buildings for hazardous waste, and take care of the process from the concept and sketches until the project is operational. We advise, engineer, assemble and commission – and thus take full responsibility for the project from start to finish.

Hazardous waste is still problematic after the resident has disposed of it at his local recycling station. The waste emits toxic fumes that must be properly contained because the fumes are harmful to the recycling station’s employees. To comply fully with Sections 38 & 42 of the Working Environment Act, ventilation should be installed in the individual drums, barrels and containers which contain the hazardous waste.

Ventilation for Hazardous Waste

A typical installation is carried out with ventilation pipes installed in the ceiling and along all the walls of the room. T-ventillation with ex-hose are mounted for every 80 cm and connect to the individual drums or barrels that contain the toxic fumes.

Individual Ventilation (extraction) for barrels and drums

Our specially developed drum lids with suction ensures constant extraction of toxic fumes – even when the lids is open. The lids come in powder coated aluminum. Each lid includes a handy hook that makes the changing out of barrels quick and easy. The lids are available for 60, 120 and 220 liter barrels/drums.

Spot extraction for 600L container

The solution is delivered with a special suction lid, where the container drives in. The pneumatic lid, which is available as a double or single lid, is easily lifted at the push of a button. The solution is made of powder coated steel sheets and ensures constant extraction from the container even when the lid is open.

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Oil Collection Station

The oil collection station is specially designed to handle oil waste in a simple and safe way for the handler and the recycling stations’ staff. The oil station is connected to the ventilation system and automatically removes the toxic fumes from the handling of the oil waste. Smaller quantities are poured directly into the oil collector. Larger quantities can be sucked up with the supplied suction hose. The oil station is connected to an external tank of 1000 or 1500L. The oil collection station is made of powder coated steel sheets.

Safety cage

Safety cages are for pesticides, nitrate-based fertilizers and other wastes that need to be stored with extra safety.

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Fume Hood

A fume hood can be installed over a shelf or table used for temporary storage or sorting of hazardous waste.

Emergency shower

For quick first aid, and to minimize lasting damage after accidents involving dangerous waste, emergency showers are set up. Emergency showers are a combination of body showers and eye and face showers, and are always fitted in rooms for hazardous waste.

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EX belysning

ATEX Lighting

The lighting in a hazardous waste room is provided as ATEX lighting, depending on the building’s zone classification.

Automatic fire extinguishing system

We can supplement the hazardous waste solution with automatically closing doors in case of fire, and automatic ceiling mounted ABC powder extinguishers.