Dedicated areas for direct recycling and upcycling

Modulo Systems ensures the integration of direct recycling at the recycling station so that waste goes a step up on the waste hierarchy from “second recovery” to Recycling, allowing us to help municipalities and utility companies to meet the UN Global Goal for Sustainable Development 12.5.1.

Recycling stations are in rapid development and at Modulo Systems we understand the importance of the sustainable potential in direct waste recycling. Much of the waste we throw out actually represents a value, which is why it’s important to involve and engage the public in the green transition and take full advantage of it by incorporating direct recycling into the actual design solution.

Modulo Systems provides competent advice and dialogue, which combines visions and future requirements for the modern recycling station — especially when it comes to the green transition of the waste sector, where the goal is a climate-neutral sector by 2030.

For greater focus on recycling and direct recycling, let us help create the right framework at the recycling station.

Our module concept is highly flexible and ensures complete utilisation of the modern recycling station, emphasising the establishment of dedicated areas for recycling and direct recycling.

Increase direct recycling

Waste is no longer something that we just need to get rid of, and the future recycling station must focus on an increasing degree of direct recycling, where special areas are provided for the purpose and where recyclable items can be deposited for direct recycling.

Let us advise you on a functional and creative layout of the station to include recycling shops, swap centres and workshops for the purpose of restoring, swapping and reselling, where the public and businesses are given the opportunity to deposit things that others can enjoy and benefit from. This helps create an overall experience in which the recycling station invites visits and becomes a place users want to stay in for longer.

Responsible consumption and production

“Responsible consumption and production so that waste generation is substantially reduced through prevention, reduction, recovery and recycling.”

An example of direct recycling could be a sofa that’s too good to throw out and can be made available for direct reuse, after which another person/organisation can enjoy it for years to come.

A recycling shop also creates jobs and can be an opportunity for fulfilment of UN Global Sustainable Development Goal 8.5, which is about decent work for everyone, regardless of age, background or people with disabilities.


  • Displays social responsibility
  • Creates jobs (pensioners, flex jobs)
  • Reduces quantity of waste
  • Increases visitor numbers
  • Creates an overall experience for users
  • Involves the public in the green transition
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Creates a source of income


Upcycling, reusing, recycling — goes by many names. Modulo Systems keeps up with developments and focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Inspired by the sustainable trend, we are working with skilled designers and engineers to meet your needs for innovative resource recycling.

Create revenue and benefit the environment by creating the perfect framework, focusing on the establishment of workshops for refurbishing old bicycles, furniture, domestic appliances, etc. for resale purposes.
The possibilities are almost endless. We offer professional consultancy services to help our customers choose the right solutions when it comes to construction — including accommodating special requests for the incorporation of areas for creativity and upcycling at a recycling station.


  • Creates jobs (pensioners, flex jobs)
  • Quality of life for employees at workshops
  • Environmental gain
  • Saves on the destruction of products
  • Life cycle assessment/extended life
  • Creates a source of income
  • Reuse of various material remnants