Dialogue with a holistic view of the process.
A waste plan is the starting point for the design of the recycling stations of the future.

The future recycling station cannot have a standard design, but should be adapted precisely to local requirements and policies. We see simple recycling stations evolving into actual resource parks with increased direct recycling, improved sorting and higher marketing value.

In order to make a responsible and strategic choice, it is important to make a holistic assessment based on the vision and future needs with clear consideration of day-to-day operations and the experiences of the public.


Modulo Systems operates in more than 20 EU countries. We have designed and developed more than 50 recycling stations per year in the past 10 years.

We are at the forefront of developments within waste processing and technology, which must support the visions of an efficient resource park, clearly taking into account day-to-day operations and the experiences of the public.

Contact us for a non-binding meeting where we can offer an economically effective solution to your problems — regardless of size.

Modulo Systems offers consultation and dialogue that combines vision and the requirements of the future, resulting in innovative solutions with optimal operating economy. For instance, we can help with the following:

Visitor analyses

User studies

Traffic analyses

Pilot projects


Conversions, extensions and new installations

Hazardous waste

Tendering and contracting

Outsourcing of operations and transport

Construction and project management

Study tours

Marketing of recycling materials

Assessment and implementation of collection material