Modulo mat

Flexible, waterproof and movable underlay that protects the asphalt from wear and also dampens noise from container handling.

Protects the underlay

The Modulo Container Mat protects any surface from wear and damage resulting from container handling, and also helps to distribute the weight, so as to avoid cracks forming under the rollers.

Minimises noise

The Modulo Container Mat significantly dampens the noise from container handling – for the benefit of neighbours close by, employees and site users.


The Modulo Container Mat is fully mobile, and is easy to move using the built-in lifting fixtures.

Stops and guide rails

Stops and guide rails are installed individually for each project.

Minimal maintenance

The Modulo Container Mat is made from self-healing, High Molecular Polyethylene with a high degree of mechanical strength, so that minor damage repairs itself. The Modulo Container Mat can be moved for cleaning and maintenance

100% recycled material

The panels are made from 100% recycled material. Bags and plastic bottles are put to very good use here.


• Can be moved for cleaning and maintenance

• Made from 100% recycled plastic

• UV- and frost-resistant

• Waterproof, and contaminated water is collected from e.g. metal containers

• High Molecular Polyethylene has a high degree of mechanical strength, does not absorb water and is self-healing in the event of minor damage.

  • Alternative to steel guide rails

  • Portable, flexible and modular

  • Does not have to be attached to the ground

  • Dampens noise from container handling

  • Does not require installation

  • Protects SF (S-shaped) stones or other types of tiles

  • Completely smooth, making snow clearance very easy