Municipalities and private customers in the Nordic countries use container mats at their recycling stations to improve working conditions, this is because the primary purpose of the container mat is to minimize noise for visitors, neighbors and especially staff operating the stations. In addition, the container mats protect the surface or pavement from wear.


Protects the surface

Modulo container mat protects any surface or pavement from wear and damage from handling of the containers and at the same time gives an equal weight distribution to avoid container dents caused by the heavy load.

Containermåtte for dæmpning af støj

Minimizes noise

Modulo container mat significantly reduces the noise from container handling – to the delight of neighbors in the local area, employees and other users of the site.


Modulo container mat is fully mobile and easily moved by using the built-in lifting brackets.

Containermåtte med løftebeslag

Stop and guide rails

Stop and guide rails are fitted individually for each project.

Minimal maintenance

Modulo container mat is made of self-healing High Molecular Polyethylene with high mechanical strength so that small damage is self-healing. The Modulo container mat can easily be moved for cleaning and maintenance.

Containermåtte med minimal vedligeholdelse
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• Can be moved for cleaning and maintenance

• Made from 100% recycled plastic

• UV and frost resistant

• Waterproof, and collects contaminated water from e.g. metal containers

• High Molecular Polyethylene has high mechanical strength, does not absorb water and is self-healing for small damage.

  • It’s an alternative to steel guide rails

  • Removable, flexible and modular

  • Is not attach to the ground

  • Dampens noise from container handling

  • Does not need special installation

  • Protects SF stones or other types of tiles

  • Completely smooth, which is easier for snow removal in winter

100% Recycled material

The mats are made of 100% recycled material such as bags and plastic bottles.