State-of-the-art insulated building in stylish design

Modulo Systems provides a high-quality prefabricated building for the storage and sorting hazardous waste. The building is erected in a matter of days and comes with every conceivable facility for eco-friendly handling of hazardous waste.


  • 60 sq.m.
  • Insulated with 200 mm insulation in the ceiling and walls, 100 mm in the floor.
  • Heated, EX electric heating.
  • Comes with two BD60 double fire doors.
  • Tilt and turn windows (the building cannot be BD 60 with windows).
  • EX ventilation with plug for direct extraction along the walls. Air change 10 x/hr.
  • EX LED lighting built into the ceiling 6500K 300 Lux 1 m above the floor.
  • Spill proof vats with mesh grating for the collection of any spillage. The building comes with a double impermeable bio-membrane.
  • Emergency shower with eye wash.
  • Interior ceilings and walls are constructed as sandwich panels in light grey.
  • Standard exterior cladding is painted wood. If required, other materials are possible.
  • Roof cladding, steel roof with good durability. If required, other materials are possible.