Turnkey delivery and rapid installation.

The installation time for the solution is 2-3 days. All you need to do is connect electricity.

Flexible, modular and fast

The modules are designed and certified for storage of hazardous waste, so that hazardous waste is separated and responsibly stored. The modules can be combined into exactly the size and design you need. The completed modules provide a cohesive solution.

In principle, all of the modules for hazardous waste are designed as standard Modulo Beton modules. The big difference is that the module for hazardous waste is delivered with a base, so that the module is sealed and completely fireproof.

The modules from Modulo Systems can be set up quickly. No foundations are needed, because the modules are erected on an existing level underlay.
If additional capacity is needed later, extra modules can easily be added.


Vats and elephant grating

The modules are supplied with spill-proof vats with overlying elephant grating. The elephant grating in each module is divided into four compartments, and is delivered with individual 1,100-litre spillage trays that can be removed and cleaned. The elephant grating has a load capacity of 1,500 kg/m2 (365 kg concentrated load) as standard, but can be supplied with the required load capacity.


The modules are supplied with a concrete surface, but can have any cladding required, e.g. wood, fibre cement or other panels.


The concept is delivered with BD60 steel fire doors for double doors and single doors, as well as the smaller doors at emergency exits.