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Recycling Stations

Modulo Systems produces and installs flexible, visionary, operational and future-proof recycling sites. Our modular concept is both removable and easy to expand. Even after installation. This is the only solution that guarantees the most space utilization.


Hazardous Waste

Modulo systems manufactures and installs complete solutions for hazardous waste disposal. By choosing one of Modulo Systems’ solutions, whether it is our modular solution, or our ready-built building, you are assured a robust and
maintenance-free system for sorting and disposal of hazardous waste.



We have everything for the modern recycling site. From signs and stickers, to our own developed fenders, container mats, as well as complete solutions for hazardous waste. We also offer accessories for the storage of hazardous waste, which can be purchased separately.



Modulo Systems offers professional consulting services to help our clients choose the right solutions for construction, hazardous waste storage, engineering calculations, and customer-specific solutions. We also offer a maintenance agreement on our solutions.



Solutions for Municipalities

Modulo Systems plans, designs, manufactures and installs the modern recycling station.

Modulo Systems works with municipalities to offer flexible, modular, aesthetic and reliable solutions. The site comes with the possibility of integrating recycling shops and storage for hazardous waste and equipment underneath the platform, possible due to a patented modular design.

Our collaboration with municipalities throughout the Nordic region results in sustainable and environmentally sound solutions. Our trademark is efficient operation as well as future-proof and flexible recycling sites. Municipalities throughout Europe must be ready for change and updates to legislation and therefore can rarely look more than 4-5 years in the future. Modulo provides a flexible future-ready solution.

Industrial & Private Sector

Modulo Systems offers customer-specific solutions. Our modular concept has the advantages of being removable, maintenance-free, and having a short installation time.

Modulo Systems has extensive experience in providing knowledge, services and solutions to the Danish business sector. Our solutions require no foundation, are easily and quickly installed, are reliable and maintenance-free. Below you can read about our customer-specific solutions which include:

  • Modular truck ramps
  • Modular platforms for transhipment / storage solutions
  • Chemical / Clinical Risk Waste Storage Solutions
  • Modular solutions for storage.
  • Support walls and basins for storing loose goods, scrap metal, etc.

Some of our customers


For over 10 years, Modulo Systems has provided services, knowledge and products to the Nordic municipalities.

The patented modular recycling station is the only solution offering 200% usability.
Here the space can be used both above and below the modules.

With a short installation time, our knowledge and our quality products, you are guaranteed an economical, flexible and environmentally sound recycling site for both your customers and employees.


Modular Solution for Hazardous Waste

Modulo Systems offers a solution for the storage of hazardous waste that is both fire resistant and 100% stainless.

Our modular solution for hazardous / clinical waste is both flexible, legally compliant, and easy to set up and maintain.

The flexibility of our modular solution is unique as it can be easily extended and moved, even after assembly.

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Ready Building for Hazardous Waste


A state-of-the-art, ready to use, insulated and legally compliant building set up in just 2 days.

Everything from certified BD60 doors, interior ventilation, emergency shower and much more is offered as a ready solution.

It is also possible to customise the appearance of the building, such as the choice of materials for the facade, roof and interior is up to the customer.

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Modulo Systems offers consulting that matches the customer’s vision to the future requirements and results in innovative solutions with optimally operating economy.
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Service Agreement

A Modulo Service Agreement provides security in everyday life. With a service (maintenance) agreement you are ensured the daily operation and safety of the users of the recycling site.
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Professionelle konsulentydelser

Participants from all departments of the client’s organization are involved and feel ownership in the design and layout of the recycling station of the future.
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Suction Lid

The suction lid ensures that there is ventilation directly in the barrels, drums and clamp lid, even while the lid is open.
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Comes in 6 sizes. Flexible building blocks in concrete for walls and containment of loose materials such as sand, clay, gravel, compost, garden waste, salt.
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Container Mat

Modulo container mat protects any surface from wear and damage and also dampens the noise from when handling the container.
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