Supplier of recycling stations


Stenløse Genbrugsplads


Modulo Systems designs, manufactures and installs flexible, visionary, operational and future-proof recycling stations. Our modular concept is both movable and easy to expand – even after installation.

Solide truckramper


Modulo Systems is a professional full-line supplier and offers a wide range of solutions including unique hazardous waste solutions, Easydrop installations, transfer stations and solid truck ramps.

Professionelle konsulentydelser


We offer professional consulting services that help our customers choose the right solutions in relation to construction, hazardous waste storage, engineering calculations and customer-specific solutions.

Produkter til den moderne genbrugsplads


We have everything for the modern recycling station from signs and stickers to our proprietary fender mouldings, container mats, as well as complete solutions and accessories for hazardous waste.


We are a supplier of the recycling station of the future

Modulo Systems is a full-line supplier of recycling stations and equipment to the waste and recycling industry, and has been providing solutions, products and services to municipalities and utility companies in the Nordic region for more than 10 years. Our patented modular solution is the only one that offers 200% usability. Space can be utilised above and below the modules.

Recycling stations for the environment

We provide complete quality solutions focused on sustainability and consideration for the environment. We create a complete product experience where price and quality go hand-in-hand, with ease of use and layout incorporated in the project.

Economical, flexible, eco-friendly

With a short installation time and our professional expertise, you are assured of an economical, flexible and eco-friendly recycling station with particular focus on the recycling of resources and circular economy. We strive to support and meet the long-term waste vision and strategies in the field of sustainability – solutions that make a difference.


Direct recycling

Incorporate direct recycling into the design solution with dedicated areas for direct recycling, upcycling and innovative resource recycling. Create jobs, income and environmental gain with recycling, renovation of old bicycles, furniture, etc. for resale purposes.



A good layout of the station makes for happy employees and users. Increase accessibility and make a difference with easy-to-use and intuitive layout when it comes to the placement of staff cabins, signage, logical placement of fractions, staff training, etc.



Make full use of the space under modules. We are happy to help in the establishment and layout of spaces for practical or creative purposes. For example, in the form of innovative showrooms, activity rooms, teaching rooms, workshops and recycling facilities.

Det visuelle udtryk


We include design, aesthetics and sustainability into every aspect of the design. We are happy to provide advice on recycling resources and circular economy using architecture, lighting and greenery to create an overall experience for the user.

We meet the long-term waste vision and ensure that your recycling station is future-proofed — and still is in 5, 10 or 15 years time!


Modulo Systems er totalleverandør af genbrugspladser og udstyr til affalds- og genbrugsbranchen

Modular recycling station

Complete and fast installation


Unloading Bays

Robust and reliable


Easydrop recycling station

Fast delivery and ready to use

Meløy 3


With non-slip coating


Hazardous Waste

Flexible, modular and fast


Industrial solutions

Services for the Danish business community




Modulo Systems offers consulting and dialogue that combine vision and future requirements, and result in innovative solutions with optimal operating economy.

Service Agreement


A Service Agreement provides peace of mind and means that the day-to-day operation and safety of recycling station users are ensured.


Workshop 1

Participants from all parts of the organisation are involved and feel ownership of the design and layout of the recycling station of the future.



Suction Lids

Ventilation directly in barrels, drums and clamp lids

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Durable and environment friendly fenders with a long durability


Modulo Blocks

Flexible building blocks available in 6 different sizes


Hazardous waste

Products for buildings for hazardous waste


Container Mats

Container mats that protects any surface from wear and damage and reduces noise.